Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most often asked questions we receive.
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Yes. Both the North and the West Trailheads are about 15 minutes from the Park.

Yes, but must be on a lease or kenneled for the benefit of other campers. No dogs allowed at the swimming hole.

Yes, at your campsite. Not on County Roads, Swimming Hole, and especially not in Wolf Pen Gap. Fines in Wolf Pen can be $1,000 or more per open container.

No. It is illegal and you will be fined if caught.

To the Swimming Hole, yes. To the Rock Bar, yes to the Edge. Do not get into any creeks anywhere with ATVs. You will be fined if caught.

Eight (8) miles to WalMart and Downtown Mena. Directions: Leaving the RV Park, turn right out of entrance on Polk Road 624. Drive past the Swimming Hole and cross the metal bridge. Proceed to blacktop road, Polk Road 57, and turn right onto 57. Approximately ¾ mile to Hwy 8 East. Turn left onto Hwy 8. It is about 7 miles to town.

Yes. 16 and over must have license. $10 for 3 days at WalMart. Remember to be mindful and respectful of swimmers and not cast in their direction.

Skyline Café, Fully Baked Cakes, Donut Palace; Coffee & Ice Cream: Baskin-Robbins, Suzy Q’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor

Fast Foods:
American Artisans, KFC, McDonalds, Myers Cruizzers Drive-In, Pizza Hut, Sonic, Subway, Wendy’s

Lunch & Dinner Restaurants:
Branding Iron BBQ and Steakhouse, Chopping Block Steakhouse, Jerry’s Fish Camp, Little Italy, Papa’s Mexican Café, The Ouachita’s (live music on week-ends), Queen Wilhelmina Restaurant, Thibadeaux Country Store

ATV speed limit on County Roads is 25 MPH.

Internet & cell service is spotty at camp sites.

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